Metaverse / NFTs / Blockchain

With the development of ever more advanced technologies, such as blockchain, VR etc., we are now witnessing the creation of a virtual world parallel to our own: the metaverse. The development possibilities of this new world seem endless: work, video games, sports, e-commerce, culture, social. All aspects of our physical lives are destined to become dematerialised, or even multiplied in digital form.

The creation of authentication tools such as NFTs, which make it possible to add value and affect to digital goods, is encouraging the expansion of the metaverse. The popularity of the metaverse in recent months is unprecedented.

The development of the metaverse, blockchain, NFTs etc. will inevitably involve an appropriate legal response, in particular by adapting existing rules to the new issues raised by these technologies:

  • e-commerce/cryptocurrency;
  • legal guarantee of the conformity of digital goods;
  • property;
  • intellectual property;
  • privacy;
  • personal data protection.